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SuperReading Comments

       “I am the Senior Engineer of Apple Computer’s Global Response Team. We are responsible for solving the problems of Apple end-users all over the world. The SuperReading course has helped us to more than quadruple our productivity.

       When we come into work on Monday morning, we begin the task of sorting through thousands of emails. We need to understand the problem and group the emails according to the appropriate answers. Until the SuperReading course, this process was not completed until Thursday afternoon, when we would send out our grouped responses. Now, with our higher comprehension and speed, we are processing the emails so quickly that our responses are going out Monday afternoon! Each team member has cut, on average, twenty-eight hours of work down to five.

       Furthermore, we have seen an improvement in the quality of our responses. Previously, we received numerous emails from our customers complaining that we did not answer the question they had asked. We were misreading their questions. As a result of our higher comprehension, we’ve measured a drop in complaints of 85%.

       Thank you for offering such a useful tool which has made our jobs so much more fulfilling. I’m sure our customers appreciate it as well."

David Lake, Senior Engineer, Apple Computer Global Response Team

“I was a very slow reader and my mind wandered during reading. Now I enjoy reading more than ever. It was good taking the tests during the course to see my improvement. I’ve learned that if you believe in yourself, you can do it! These skills will allow me to use this extra new time I have for getting other things done. At first I didn’t think this would really help, but I am now a true believer.”

Rick Hilovsky

Senior Staff SVG Engineer

Xilinx, Inc.

Reading Effectiveness went from 75 to 315

       “This course was much more than an improvement-of-reading series of exercises.  It was a well-thought-out, planned and organized attack on one’s mind limitations. Ron spent a lot of time and effort on attitude improvement, not just skills. He emphasized preparation for reading, readiness to receive information, training to focus on what you read just as much as the techniques for effective reading: pre-viewing, note taking, retelling (parroting), reading itself and reviewing.

       The SuperReading manual is also a great help. It organizes tracking of daily eye hopping exercises and reading practices, as well as all scores for reading tests showing weekly progress. The instructions in the manual are concise and well-written, and followed by the most humorous multiple-choice tests I’ve ever encountered.

       Good humour and very positive classroom atmosphere made this course not only a very effective speed and comprehension enhancer, but also a very pleasant learning experience.”

Vladimir Starov, Director of Research, GaSonics International

Reading Effectiveness increased from 114 to 471

This course has been a wonderful experience. The combination of increasing my RE week to week and the positive nature of the readings and classes added to an excellent experience.

My biggest disappointment is no longer having the class every Tuesday morning. You are a great instructor and know how to work with your students to get the most out of them.

My favourite experience continues to be reading the same material as my co-workers in less than half the time. Thanks for a great course, Ron.”

Dirk D.   Marketing Communication Manager, Hewlett-Packard

R.E. went from 34 to 281

“I've been a poor reader all of my life. It has always been difficult for me to focus and maintain concentration while reading. I've always had to read, re-read, and re-read again just to get the meaning for the first time. I experienced immediate results from day one in this course. My initial RE score was so low it may as well have been zero. I enjoy reading now and get a great deal out of it on the first read. It's awesome! Thanks Ron!”

Greg Smith   Test Engineer, IBM

Day 1 RE score: 29      Day 35 RE score: 275

“Dear Ron,

 Most of us can use more time to read and understand information encountered in our daily routines. I particularly needed a lot of help. Hence, I had a high expectation for this course. At first I was a bit disappointed to hear that it was just a speed-reading course.

 However, after these weeks of learning and practicing, I have benefited greatly from these techniques such as Eye-Hop, Imagery Memorization and Self-affirmation.

 Thanks. I’m looking forward to further advancement utilizing these techniques.”


Jay Liu

Senior Applications Engineer

Xilinx, Inc.

Reading Effectiveness went from 73 to 240

“I started the course knowing I was an incredibly slow reader. If only my speed increased, I’d have been happy. But the fact that my speed increased exponentially and my comprehension increased from 35% to 90-100% was amazing.

 Some of the tools I’ve gained as a result of this course (e.g. the Memory Room) I use on a daily basis, and have helped me immensely. I would recommend this course to anyone that wanted to improve reading speed and comprehension. I was able to read a 600-page book overnight; in the past, this would have taken weeks!!”
Robert S. Fullmer

Chiron Corporation

Re Scores: Class One 64/124, Class Six 123/667

“Before the class, my mind would wander while I read and I needed to read over the material multiple times to really absorb it. Now I have more focus and I can read faster than before and even understand what I've read afterwards. Thanks, Ron, and I like your thought of the day in the Emails.”

Melissa C.   Systems Development Engineer II   AMD


Thank you for coming to Altera and teaching the SuperReading class.  The techniques you provided are proving to be very beneficial in increasing my speed and comprehension when reading. The previewing technique is one of the best ideas I have adopted. I am increasing my speed and remembering more. The Eye-Hop books are excellent as well. They teach you to read in groups of words instead of individually.

 My initial test and retention was poor. After taking the course, I was amazed at the amount I have improved.”


Laurie Doane

Senior Network Admin

Altera Corp.

“Before the class I was the kind of reader who “said” each word in my head. I would also find myself reading, but not having any idea of what I had just read in the past five paragraphs. I had to reread the material 2 to 3 times. I thought of myself as a slow, lazy reader.

     Now, when I want to gather information from written material, I am more focused and purposeful. When I put material down, after only one reading, I am more confident that I have the information I was looking for.

     My favourite part is the testing. I felt true progress and it was very satisfying.”

Stephen L. Nestle, Training Manager

Lam Research Corp.

Reading Effectiveness went from 100 to 889


       Thanks for all of your help. I’ve been able to read faster with better comprehension since taking your class.

       In my job I read a lot of technical documents and I now I look forward to applying these techniques you have taught us.”

Jason Lawley

Applications Manager    Xilinx, Inc.

Reading Effectiveness went from 48 to 468

     “I loved reading before I began the class, and I still love it! My favourite parts were learning to use my finger, mind-mapping and Ron's passion (he loves what he does).

The quotes Ron sent in his Emails, confirmation that a small daily effort plus diligence can truly affect the quality of one's life. It really doesn't take that much effort to change once you really start the process.

     No matter how fast one reads, one can benefit from this course to read even faster and comprehend even more. These skills are valuable to me because they free up more time for me to think creatively, rather than to have to spend it ploughing through my Email.”

Rebecca Ray, Senior International Product Manager, Remedy Corp

Reading Effectiveness went from 230 to 1440

“Before class I read slowly, without a lot of comprehension. I would get done reading a page and not remember what I had read. This class helped me learn to read several words at a time, and to preview before reading. It also helped me learn memory techniques that have helped me with reading comprehension.

 I am now more confident that I can read faster and retain most of what I read.

My favourite part of the class was learning to apply the memory techniques to my reading. I recommend this class to my co-workers with the understanding that you need to devote time to practice daily to get the most out of the class.”

Barbara Hauger

Administrative Assistant

Xilinx, Inc.

Reading Effectiveness went from 36 to 447

“This class has helped me very much with my reading skills. My reading comprehension has increased at least 50% and speed in some cases over 100%. English for me is a second language, and this makes it a little more difficult to comprehend English at any level.

I know that if I continue to practice this new skill I will get even better.”

Mario Aguirre

Manager, Product Engineering, Fujitsu Microelectronics, Inc.

“Dear Ron,

 Thank you for spending your time teaching us life-long useful tools for reading. I became a pro at the memorization room and am finding myself to be a much more efficient reader.

My favourite part of this course was your enthusiasm and belief in our reading capabilities.

I truly believe this class should be taught to children. I have been showing my 13 year old daughter my new skills and her reading skills have now improved. She also has a better attitude toward reading.

Thank you, and I’ll continue to use my SuperReading skills.”

Odilia Cupp, Benefits Administrator      General Dynamics

The SuperReading course proved to be a highly enlightening and motivating course. Many techniques beyond the ones necessary to improve reading speeds and comprehension were introduced and applied. These techniques have all proven useful within the workplace and the home as well.

Ron is a very engaging and enjoyable teacher. His presentation style is light, cheerful and infectious. He was able to draw the group together and get us all to enjoy the class and each other. I would highly recommend the class.

My reading/comprehension speed jumped from 139 to 800 words per minute. I am confident that the tips and techniques that I have acquired will help me to be much more effective in my rather demanding job. I look forward to further improvements by continuing to practice.

Thanks Ron!

Tom Kemp, Design Engineer       RE scores went from 139 to 800

Reading before the course was slow, and word for word with vocalizing. I had trouble staying awake and remembering what I had just read. That’s all changed now. My favourite part of this class was reading the books- excellent choice of material.

Larry M. Software Engineer, Amdahl

Reading Effectiveness went from 91 to 492

Educational SuperReading Testimonials

“I can offer some insight into the use of SuperReading from the law perspective. I found it very useful for litigation type work. This involves reading through many cases (possibly hundreds) looking for quick
insights. In general, cases are arranged in such a manner where there is a very useful indexing system which guides you to the key points. I would find if the case was relevant by quickly reading this key point list. Then if the case was on point, I would quickly read the facts and then just the legal analysis for the point I was interested in.

In general I find that I can do "litigation" research much faster than anyone else I know.

The techniques are quite useful for more general corporate legal work which basically involves contracts. I was very nervous at first that I might miss a single modifier which would have significant legal impact. Therefore, I was uncomfortable about not sub-vocalizing as I read contracts. However, it is not an issue.
When I’m doing due-diligence, I use the techniques to fly through most documents and then I take more time on portions that I thought might be relevant.

This has been a most helpful course.”

Dan Stellenberg

Testimonial Letters from Lincoln Law School Students

“I am currently a second year law student at Lincoln Law School. What the SuperReading Course has done for me is short of phenomenal. Prior to the start of the course, I dreaded the weekly assignments which were on the average 10 to 12 cases per course (e.g. Real property, Corporation & Civil procedure). I knew that there was no way I could get through this reading plus brief each case for class discussions, therefore, I relied heavily on “canned” briefs, available commercially.

     But since embarking on this reading program, I found that I was able to retain more information from the cases and understanding them more because of the better approach I’ve learned in the course.

     Consequently, I participate a lot more in each of my classes and am getting better grades to boot. Additionally, I am no longer intimidated by the weekly homework.

By applying all of the techniques, my reading speed has increased ten fold along with comprehension.

     I feel that if students take this course, especially incoming students, they will be at a distinct advantage over those that do not get exposed to it.”

Best regards, Al Younger       

Al Younger’s Follow-up:

Dear Coach:
  “I just had to share my experience taking the Civ Pro Final. When I started to read the exams, panic struck because the fact patterns were unusually long, so I thought. I did not want to miss any "ands", "buts", or "ifs", so I reverted to my old way of reading every word-very slowly. But the slower I read the more I was not comprehending what I was reading. To make matters worse, I thought there were 40 long questions but in fact there were in reality only 20. This did not help my situation because I didn't think I could even get through the twenty with the way I was reading.
   Finally, I stopped and did my affirmation, (several of them) and when I calmed down, I positioned my reading tool (the finger) and used the skill I learned in your class. I was flying through the pages and to my amazement, I understood what I was reading and issues were jumping out at me. I completed the exam with 46 minutes to spare. I just wanted to share that. Thanks & keep up the good work.” -Al Younger

“Dear Ron,

     Before I started your SuperReading course, I would lose concentration during studying. However, after (the course) my concentration increased dramatically. As a result, my law school studies became more bearable and interesting.
     Another part of the class that really helped was previewing. This is so because during a long reading assignment, I utilized the Previewing Method, which acted as a marker, which kept me more focused.

     This class was really enjoyable and helpful.”

Joe Zizileusticas, Law Student

“Last semester I did a good job in reading the required material for Criminal Law and Torts, even when it took me a lot of time to do it. I totally gave up on reading for contracts because the R2d material was too boring. I only read 89 pages for the entire semester.

     After taking the SuperReading Class for 5 weeks I decided I was going to read R2d #2 using three techniques that I learned in this class. To my surprise I was able to read R2d #2 and half of #3 in one week, reading 6 to 7 hours in a day.”

     After talking with other students in the school I realized I was one of only a few who actually finished all the reading. The other great thing is that I have been able to spend quality time with my two children. Before, whenever I took them to the park, for instance, they would play and I would read. Now I have the time to really play with them and give them the attention they deserve. Thank you.”

Ana G. Villarereal, Law Student       

To Ron Cole:

“I began this class at first with a very negative attitude. I assumed my gains would be little if any. Thank you for proving me wrong. That’s a first.

     I speak four different languages and I am not really sure in which language I think or pronounce words. With all these personal problems, the SuperReading class helped me focus on one thing at a time. My reading speed, my comprehension and new skills helped improve my overall study habits.

     I have also found my finger to be my best tool, and I can’t believe I’ve had it all along for free! I also believe your energy level in the classroom helped me get motivated each session we met. You have given me self confidence!”

Thank you.”     Jarmen Givargis, Law Student       

To whom it may concern:

“I found this course to be very helpful. I have learned how to read material at a quicker pace while maintaining comprehension. These skills have proved useful in my preparation for class (reading cases) and also while studying for final exams.

     I look forward to using my new skills for some personal reading as well as future school assignments. I would highly recommend this course to other law students. Ron did a great job, he is a great reading coach! I think my success had a lot to do with his enthusiasm.”

Deanna Burneikis, Law Student       

Testimonial Letters from School Students and Parents

       "I am a pre-med student at Berkeley. My friend took this course and told me I had to take it as well. He was so right. The difference is like day and night. It only takes me half the time to do a chapter, and now I really know it. With the memory tools, preparing for exams is too easy. All I have to do is review my visuals and all the information just comes flooding back. It's almost like cheating; it's so easy to remember complex information.

       If you are a student, this course will make a huge difference in your life. In fact, you can have a life with these skills. I can actually take some time to chill or play tennis, which really relieves the stress. The cost is so minimal compared to the benefits. Just do it and see for yourself. It's guaranteed anyway, which was important for me. I was a little sceptical even though I could see how well my friend was doing with it. SuperReading works, plain and simple."
-Robert Sloan, Reading Effectiveness went from 104 to 696


       "Hi. If you want to be a great reader and learn things faster, SuperReading is what you're looking for. I really don't know how I managed without it. Wait- yes I do! I studied endless hours falling asleep over my text books. I had no social life, and I was getting mostly B's. Now I feel refreshed when I read, it's only taking about half the time, and I'm getting mostly A's. I'm even reading for pleasure, which I never did before.

       Reading is really cool when you can do it well. SuperReading has changed the way I look at myself. I feel much smarter than before. I now KNOW I can learn things and make them stick. I'm not nervous going into a test like I was before. You'll never be sorry you have these skills. Thank you SuperReading!"
-Jimmy Wicks, Sophomore, San Jose State University, Reading Effectiveness went from 70 to 610     May 28, 1997

“I’m glad that I took this course. I more than tripled my score. Reading is so much easier now. I not only read faster but I can remember more. I know that I will continue to do better even after finishing because of the techniques I have learned.”

Tatiana A.

High School Senior

“Thank you. This course has been a lot of fun, and also helped my reading. I really think this has been a useful tool and I hope to continue practicing and learning. I left this class with many insights and suggestions on how to improve reading, and they really work! Thank you very much again.”

Eddie H.     High School Student

“Dear Mr. Cole,

     I am writing this letter to thank you for helping my son Chris. He is in 6th grade, and ever since 1st grade he has had major problems with his reading abilities. He has been to see every reading and learning expert associated with the San Jose School System. Nothing has ever made much of a difference. This has really held back his learning. He has just barely made it through each grade level, and always at the bottom of his class. I have come to dread going to parent’s night to get his report.

     In the last few weeks this has all changed. The teachers cannot believe the difference in his work. He is understanding and remembering what he reads. They say he is smiling when he reads and understands more than most of the other children. They feel the only thing holding back his reading now is his poor vocabulary from being such a poor reader all these years. However, with the vocabulary building program you have provided, I believe there is already a positive difference there too. I know I must be patient. He is learning his words at an impressive rate, and I see it is only a matter of time before he catches up there as well.

     As a mother, it is not easy to see your child failing in his education. I am so grateful for your help to Chris. You have given me hope and given him the ability to read well and to believe in himself. Bless you.”

Mrs. Marjorie Jackson (Chris’ Mom)

To Mr. Cole,

     “Thank you for teaching your reading class to my teenage daughter. Not only have her grades improved at school, last Saturday she actually picked up a book and read it for several hours. She has never done this before in her life! I am so pleased. It is truly a miracle for this child to be reading on her own without being hounded.
     Her whole attitude has changes remarkably. She no longer thinks of herself as a poor student. This course has changes her life, and consequently, changed mine. Thank you.”

Doreen’s Mom

  Testimonial Letters from School Educators

“Dear Ron,

     I wish to thank you for making it possible for our staff to deliver your SuperReading course to our Title I Reading students. The final data proves that the SuperReading Program has dramatically benefited our students.

     Students in our Title I Reading classes scored below grade level on the CTBS reading test last year. This year they are enrolled our Title I Reading class to receive special assistance designed to improve their reading skills.

     We started your program in our Title I Reading classes in January. The SuperReading Program more than doubled our students reading rates. One class' average growth rate was 277%! Some students increased their rate between 400% and 700%! I shared the data with Superintendent Don Helms and he was most impressed. In his many years in education he said he had not seen such powerful growth in reading scores. Cathy Rumble noted that her students demonstrated a real improvement in fluency when they read aloud. Jason Harm said students who were negative about the program at first were turned around as they saw the increase in their reading proficiency.

     I watched Josh A. read and complete a history exam in ten minutes with a 98% score. He was reading at a rate of over 2000 words per minute (as rated in reading class)! Chris B. told me he now loves to read and even reads books at home now! Your program has been fun and exciting to implement with visible results daily.

     My favorite experience was in my after-school reading class. I was given all students who were tested 5-7 grade level on the CTBS test. My task was to have them score grade 8 on an independently delivered test by the end of four weeks! Chris B. looked up at me after completing his first three minute 2-word eye exercise and, with a big smile on his face, said "This is the first time I have ever enjoyed reading!" At the end of four weeks Chris scored tenth grade level on the Woodcock-Johnson reading test!  In fact, all my students scored eighth grade or above!
     We look forward to continuing with the program next year.”

Sincerely,     George Sabato, Title I Director            
Edwin Markham School Placerville, CA 95667
Placerville Union School District

“Ron, we just got our CTBS* scores for the seventh and eighth grades, and they are the highest in our 22 year history by a wide margin. The teachers and I credit your reading course for this achievement. Thank you for sharing this information with us and our students.”
Mary Menacho, Director of General Education         
South Peninsula Hebrew Day School

* Comprehensive Test of Basic Skills
The students in 7th and 8th year scored 91st percentile. In the previous year these students scored 78th percentile. In the 7 years previous to that, percentile ranking ranged between 72nd and 79th. In the year following SuperReading, the 7th years became 8th years and scored 93rd percentile. The following year the school did not have the programme. The 8th years graduated, and the scores the next term returned to 78th percentile.

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