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Career Opportunity – Translation

W e are looking for translators who can write up our online courses in languages besides English. If you have experience in providing translations, we may have a deal for you. If you are interested, please give us a call.

So there’s no confusion, translations mean an opportunity. We will split profits with you for helping us to enter certain markets where the native language would be preferred to English.

We have Russian, Italian and Spanish in progress.


Career Opportunity – Tutor

We are looking for tutors to teach the SuperReading course to students. If you are a tutor, teacher or trainer, we need to talk!

The schools have their hands full, and parents are sending their children to tutors to “fill in the gaps” to help their offspring excel academically.

There are few things I can think of that can help a student more than the SuperReading course coupled with the SuperMemory Program. Our study techniques are also very powerful. They make learning more fun and make testing far less stressful.

If you are interested in representing the SuperReading course or teaching it yourself, please contact us.

We have a means of training you up so that you can effectively teach SuperReading and SuperMemory to others.


 You get the Programs and do them.

 You get access to a trainer web site.

 You come to training in London. If you cannot make it to London, you may take a competency exam online.

 You are given the contact details of our printing company who will send you whatever number of sets of materials you require. Our licensing fee is included in the cost.

 You then charge whatever rate is appropriate. The difference between the cost and what you charge is your profit.

You get online support for any questions or anomalies that may come up.

We recommend getting comments from your students. Many will see profound changes in their abilities, attitudes and grades.

If you wish to join the SuperReading Tutor Program, please pay the £100 by clicking on the PayPal button. You will quickly receive your SuperReading AND SuperMemory online programs (half price). You will be contacted about the training times if you are in the London area. If you are not in London, other arrangements will be made.


Career Opportunity – Sales

We are looking for sales people to sell our courses. If you are entrepreneurial, and/or are well connected, give us a ring. We pay a generous finder’s fee for putting us together with interested parties.

If you can close the deal, that’s worth more than setting up a meeting. We’ll need to talk it over with specifics, of course.

There is no base salary, so please contact us only if you have an income! If you are interested in representing Alchemy Training, then please give us a call.

We pay out a finder’s fee for being recommended to organizations & businesses who sign on for courses. Please contact us for details.

Career Opportunities

We’re a small UK-based training company specializing in personal and business development. Alchemy Training provides useful tools to make you more productive. To us, that means getting more done in less time with higher quality. All our tools and ideas are easy to learn and apply. Our fees are fair; not the highest, not the lowest. I am very happy and excited to be offering both Online Courses and Classroom learning to organizations. We can also hold classes via the Internet!If you want to achieve your goals, this is your best opportunity.




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