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Personal Coaching

If you want to cut through the clutter and get to the bottom of things, what you’re looking for is One-to-One Coaching.

Virtually all great athletes have coaches. Have you ever wondered why? The reason is that even the truly gifted need help to achieve all they were meant to do. You have gifts. Your coach will help you identify and unlock them.

This service is intended for high level executives who make strategic decisions that affect the whole company. It is also intended for sales people looking for that elusive breakthrough to the next level.

You will:

Overcome blocks to achieve higher goals and ambitions.

Be better equipped to solve problems and challenges.

Have a more positive, confident outlook on life.

Understand how to motivate your self.

Have improved relationships.

Define your values, resulting in more sound decisions.

Be able to learn lessons from your experiences instead of         repeating the same mistakes again and again.

Be able to break old patterns and replace them with new,         more powerful and resourceful ones.


After 20 years of research I have come to the conclusion that everyone is born with three things:

A Purpose.

A Gift.

A Challenge.

Your purpose is what you are meant to be doing. Your gift may be what you are best at doing, though not necessarily. You may or may not be doing it at this time. Your challenge is the sticky bit. It’s what you must overcome to fully use your gift and fulfil your purpose. Some people have a good idea of their challenges. Most people do not, though it seems obvious once we know!

With this particular personal coaching style, these three factors are taken into account. It’s why the success rate is high and clients are satisfied. I believe anything short of that is like rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic.

Want more business?

Get Sales Coaching!

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Dear Ron,

    I am writing to say a big “Thank You” for how your programme has altered my life. Your guidance and coaching through your wonderful program has had a more powerful and positive influence than anything else I’ve ever done for myself. I thank you from my heart for all of the wonderful results of your program.
Jeff Goodman, Wyle Electronics


In early 2014 we launched a new service: Speed Coaching.

In about 45 minutes, we discover the root cause of any problem or challenge being faced by the client and supply information that will not only alleviate the situation, but turn it into a strength!

The feedback has been very positive about how we accomplish more in 45 minutes than 10 years of traditional coaching, counselling or therapy.

We have greatly simplified the process so that what you are given is the truth, which as it’s said, will set you free.

Simply explain to us what is wrong, not working, causing trouble, upsetting you, delayed, bothering you or not happening and with a series of questions and insights, we will pinpoint that root cause, which you will find to be affecting many other areas of your life. This process will help them all.

If you want to cut through quickly and be impressed, try Speed Coaching. It’s what psychology has been searching for: discovery and empowerment all in one go!  

“Deryn is unbelievably insightful and has the ability to pinpoint my blocks in a matter of minutes. She works in a unique way that gets to the crux of anything you throw at her at lightning speed. Since working with her I have progressed in ways that I never thought possible. My life and career have taken off and I now see everything differently. I feel incredibly empowered.”

Anastasia A.    

Achievement Coach

In our view, there are two parts to sales success. The first is “what to do and what not to do.” These are all the gems of wisdom garnered by decades of trial and error of millions of sales people the world over. There are many books, articles courses and people teaching these.
The second part is being ABLE to use the first part! By able we mean psychologically able. If the wounds of childhood and our self-esteem are too much, all the concepts, methods and role play in the world will not help. Until those invisible chains are broken, sales people keep running into the same problem:

Speed Coaching relieves all that. We can give you the first part, but without the second, it’s an uphill struggle. So stop fighting yourself and eliminate the blocks.

We’re a small UK-based training company specializing in personal and business development. Alchemy Training provides useful tools to make you more productive. To us, that means getting more done in less time with higher quality. All our tools and ideas are easy to learn and apply. Our fees are fair; not the highest, not the lowest. I am very happy and excited to be offering both Online Courses and Classroom learning to organizations. We can also hold classes via the Internet!If you want to achieve your goals, this is your best opportunity.




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QUESTION: What is the biggest difference between an amazing sales person and an average sales person?
(assume they have the same education, training, information and are the same physically, etc)

ANSWER: The degree to which their their past experiences have “messed them up”. This is usually in the form of bad habits, non-resourceful beliefs and a possible loss of self-esteem.

SOLUTION: Speed Coaching. We get their head on right. This process works for all problems and challenges.