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Dyslexia Comments

“I started this course being a very slow reader; so slow it was excruciating. I’d read the same line over and over, I’d lose my place on a page, and my mind would wander.

 The techniques I have learned on this course have helped me tackle all these problems, and now I feel I have learnt skills that will go with me to help me with my dissertation and on to my career as a teacher. Thanks.”

Keith Cockerton
London South Bank University, Student


“From the first week I knew the SuperReading course would be of great value to me! I now know I have never been taught to read properly. As reading has not been my strong point, over the course I have gained confidence and understand how to get the most out of reading.
 I now view reading as fun and interesting. I have a whole library I look forward to going through. Thanks Ron, it’s been a blast!”

Yours sincerely,
John Tuitt
London South Bank University, Student


“I found that my reading speed for novels has increased dramatically. The experience of sucking up the meaning has been really exciting. I have also found that I can tackle reading for work much more efficiently, but I expect to continue to improve.
 I have also really benefited from the memory technique. My memory for lists has always been extremely poor until this course. Now I can remember 20 items easily and apply this to shopping, etc. When I wake up in the middle of the night worries about something I can park the worry in the knowledge that I will remember what it was in the morning and decide then whether it matters!”

 Dr. Ross Cooper
London South Bank University, Lecturer


“I initially had lots of difficulty reading with my finger as a prompter but, after persistently following the reading programme, I picked up speed and was able to increase my reading comprehension.
   I have found that the speed reading methodology has been embedded into the way I read in general and it has definitely improved my reading ability overall.
   I definitely think there is room for improvement e.g. remembering what I read or speed and using the visual memory strategies at speed could have been cojoined with reading exercises to help me meld the two strategies at speed. Thanks, Ron.”

Gareth Mason
London South Bank University, Senior Lecturer


“I really enjoyed the Eye-Hops, getting higher scores in the reading tests and seeing the techniques working as well as my scores going up. I also picked up a few interesting tips on preventing eye strain.”

Mark Lucek
London South Bank University, O.T. Student


“Before I started this course, I was quite a good reader. I feel my confidence has grown a lot more. I like doing the short stroke tool as it’s easy to do and when I’m reading something I get more information from the page.
   Yes it has made a difference and I’ve met some very interesting people in the course. Also, my reading has improved so much. I think my instructor is fantastic, and a great help to us (me).
   I think you should do this course next year and I don’t think anything needs to be improved. I think this course should be put onto the curriculum an everyone should do this course, as you learn so much from it.”

Lindsey Rhodes
London South Bank University, Student


“I really enjoyed the SuperReading class and I will introduce it to all my friends and family. The stories were amazing and I am very happy that I took part of this SuperReading course. Thank you very much and may God richly bless you Ron.”

Rockson Osei Kumaning
London South Bank University, Sales Assistance

I have improved my reading speed and comprehension, without a doubt. I have learned interesting techniques I will practice and no doubt improve further, as life is about learning and learning is about life. I have decided over years of being dyslexic, that reading can be fun and not a chore. Especially as I will be able to learn more, in regards to academic reading which is what I enjoy. And I will probably read novels.

-Joseph Aquilina, dyslexic reader

I believe my reading speed and comprehension have both improved. I have been using some of these techniques in my lessons with learners, which has helped with reading and reviewing.

-Michele Bent, dyslexic reader

I have sped up my reading. I focus on different ways of reading. I like the use of systematic previewing. I had no real reading strategy prior to the course- I never really thought about it before. I didn’t really like reading that much as I had to do it too much and I was suffering from eye strain!

-Adrian Teasdale, dyslexic reader

I have found that the general strategies taught were particularly helpful. For instance, the Preview-Read-Review will certainly be a procedure that I will use. In addition, the memory rooms strategy will probably become the main part of my revision strategy, along with the mind  mapping.

I also found the visualization strategy very positive. Using the finger is an excellent technique.

Oliver El-Holiby

“The thing I value about the course is the time and space it provided to reflect on my approach to reading and to try out new strategies. It confirmed and explained why I have always found reading the newspaper a totally different (and easier) experience to reading anything else – i.e. the columns!
   I have found the Eye-Hopping incredibly useful – I find that I focus better, drift less, and print seems more in focus. I feel like I’m in the early stages of using Pattern Reading. At the moment it overrides the actual focus on the meaning itself because I’m so aware of the reading backwards. However, it also pulls me into what I’m reading more.
   Although the process appears to be about focusing in more and drifting less, I’m also aware that much of the drifting I do is about ‘thinking about’ what I’m reading- chewing over the ideas, linking to others, etc., so I consider some drifting as vital, especially with some types of reading I do.”

Pauline Moon
London South Bank University, Senior Lecturer


“At first I thought nothing was happening, but I was very pleasantly surprised by both my speed and comprehension. I had a slight blip in my scores but I think that was due to absences, but I’m right on track now. I will continue to improve in the foreseeable future. The only reason I wouldn’t want to recommend it to others is that I want to keep it a secret and gain all its benefits for myself. I have told of its benefits to anyone and all who will listen. Thanks!”

Raife Keller-Cooper


“My reading before was lower than now, since I started the course my reading has improved more and my focus is better now than before. I am also in control of everything I am reading now, unlike before.
   The Eye-Hop has also helped me greatly, and the memory room has also enabled me to remember things more by creating stories from them and making them big to help me remember things longer.
   The SuperReading course has made a great difference to my life. I am glad I was given the opportunity to take the course. I will always recommend this course to friends and everyone who needs help with their reading. I will continue to use all my Eye-Hop and memory room and the skills I have achieved from this course.
   A big thank you to the staff and all the people at LSBU who organised this course, and a big thank you to Ross Cooper and Ron Cole. I really enjoyed every bit of the course.”

Azara Kanu
London South Bank University, Clinical Assistant-Practitioner


“I am dyslexic and began this class reading at approximately 154 words per minute with 60% comprehension. (It took 2:36 to read a 400 word article.) …I always had to read sentences over and over to get the meaning… By the end of the sixth session I was reading 1,846 wpm with 100% comprehension. (It took 13 seconds to read a 400 word article.) I would recommend this course to anyone trying to improve their reading speed along with comprehension. The things I found most valuable were the eye exercises and the testing where one was able to see positive results instantly.”

-Nancy F.
Administrative Assistant, Legal Dept., HP        

“I so wish I had access to this course during my English degree. The tools like the memory room, speed reading and scanning would have been most welcome.

     However, I’m equally pleased to have obtained these skills at this stage of my MA in Creative Writing. I will take away the skills and keep working on them.

     Before the course I did not believe that I would be able to improve on my reading and memory due to my dyslexia. However, in a very short period of time my ability to speed read and recall what I have read has improved greatly.

     Thanks Ron for bringing your skill and humour to Chichester University.

Best wishes,


Glenn Stevens, University of Chichester, BA/MA 12/5/09

Dear Coach,

What I have gotten out of super reading with ongoing practice is my reading speed and comprehension has increased substantially, which is amazing to me as I was somewhat of a sceptic at first. The memory room is quite helpful, but the eye-hopping and “S” and “Z”  reading are most useful to me. The Hop Drop is still a challenge but I’m working on mastering it.

I strongly recommend this course to all people- dyslexic and non-dyslexic people, as everyone’s reading does actually improve, which is quite amazing!

Thank you Ross!

-Constantino Dumengane

Super reading has helped me concentrate better and “pull up” what I read more efficiently when I use eye hopping. It has encouraged me to relax around reading. I like using the pattern reading technique. The memory room association strategy is a good lesson in how powerful and meaningful memory is!

Ross Cooper’s commentary in class and via email is very useful- lots of ideas there.

-Laura Villa

Very interesting course. I have become more conscious of my reading and how I go about it. Some things I knew already, but I have also learnt some new things. The Eye-Hopping is interesting. I like the brain exercises. Ron’s teaching is very good.

It was a nice group- varied. I learnt quite a bit from feedback from other students and other experiences.

This has been helpful for my work and personal life. My reading is faster without the difficulty in comprehension.

Very enjoyable course.

-Francesco Wolf

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