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Our COACHING is like no other. We help you set and achieve your goals. Fast. If you get in your own way, we will help you figure out how and why. Then you’ll learn how to STOP that. We can help you with: Sales Career Relationships Life We work very fast. You can only progress and grow if you know your truth. If you want to finally understand yourself, contact us. If you want to continue to take small measures, don’t waste your time or ours. Go for more traditional coaching or counseling. They are very patient and will work with you for years. That’s not us. We will reveal why you are how you are. That will set you free. Freedom is good. Ignorance is bad. Simple. Powerful. Life changing. Fast. Here’s what you’ll end up with: 1. Revelations about yourself. 2. Revelations about how life works. 3. Revelations about other people. 4. A Personal Plan. 5. Exciting goals worthy of your true nature. 6. Personalised exercises to quickly move you forward. 7. The ability to self-sustain your successes. You can read testimonials HERE.
Our SuperReading or SuperStudy Program will make you the best reader and learner of anyone you know. DYSLEXIA If you are dyslexic, after a maximum of 12 weeks you will be a better reader than your non-dyslexic peers. Minimum: 4 weeks. STUDENT If you are a student you will become the best reader in your school. 30 to 60 days. PROFESSIONAL If you are a professional you will save one to two working days per week. Your reading will be more accurate and you’ll remember more for longer. PLEASURE If you like reading for pleasure, get ready to experience books like you’re watching a movie. Books will come alive in a way you really can’t appreciate until you experience it. Our graduates say it’s somewhere between eating ice cream and finding money. PROOF Four published studies across 28 univerisities confirm our claims, including Cambridge, LSE, Royal Holloway and City University of London. Student Finance England (SFE) has funded SuperReading for all FT dyslexic university students in the UK since 2009 through the DIsabled Student Allowance (DSA). We have taught SuperReading at many Fortune 500 companies, including: Apple RBS Sun IBM Lloyds The MoD HP Tesco Gen. Dynamics Sony Asda Xilinx Philips The NHS Practical Law Cisco GCHQ Pfizer Compaq Fujitsu Chiron TESTIMONIALS You can read accounts from teachers, parents, students and professionals at our other websites: and or HERE
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