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Hi Ron, It’s been a month since we started working together and my sales have been going through the roof! I just finished my best week ever after almost five years. In fact, in the last two days, almost all the contracts processed at the office have been mine. I’ve made more deals in the last week than I normally do in two months. Everyone else in the company is having an average week, which means not too good. Besides that, we’ve got flooding here in my territory which would usually mean fewer sales. Somehow, everything that I’m visualizing is happening. I feel better, I’m getting on better with my wife, and I may be offered a nice managerial position at another company. Thanks for all the knowledge and encouragement.” Cheers, Matt Harris Southern Finance Insurance =================================== O2 RECRUITMENT A Breath of Fresh Air, Bringing People Together Dear Ron, What can I say? Your coaching has changed my life. From the moment I first met with you, your confidence that I could do better was genuine and infectious. At that time I could not have imagined the route my life would take. As a result of your influence, my recruitment business has flourished beyond my hopes. I am accomplishing growth that would normally have taken years in just a few short months. By helping me get crystal clear on what I wanted to achieve, and helping me get rid of the old beliefs that had blocked my way, new clients have been attracted to me like bees to honey. It’s been so easy that sometimes I have to pinch myself. Likewise, I have attracted clients to place that are dreams to work with. Once you helped me to clearly define what I was looking for, it started coming my way. And I mean big time. As you know, I’ve had to hire another assistant to keep up with it all. She is working out marvellously as well. I used the same formula for finding her. Okay, here’s the part where I tell people about you. You’re talented, intuitive, caring, funny and enthusiastic. Hold on, I’m just getting going. You really know how to cut through the junk and get to the core issues holding someone back. Your sincere desire to help other people is inspiring. Perhaps most of all, your unflinching belief in me and my success gave me the courage to press forward when many people told me I was crazy to start such a business in so competitive a market. I also appreciate your willingness to listen to me and learn about my business. Your understanding of human nature and the idea of going with my strengths has really paid off. I’ve taken all this to heart and recently began offering customer service training as well. I worked with Kaiser Permanente last week and they want me back for six more classes. I had never done anything like this before. With your words of encouragement echoing in my head I knew I could only succeed (though I was a bit nervous at the start). After ten minutes I threw away my script and spoke from my heart. They applauded me at the end and said it was the best seminar they could remember. I owe much of this success to you. Ron, I wish all the very best for you, as you have provided for me. I will never forget what you have done for me, my business and my family. With deepest respect, -Barbra ================================ “Dear Ron, Your help with my sales training has been invaluable. I don’t even know where to start in explaining the impact this has had for me. Before we worked together I was unfocused, unmotivated and operating in a non-productive manner. I was flitting from one thing to another, exhausting myself and getting very little accomplished. In the few months since we worked together, everything has changed for me. My entire life is on track now, professionally and personally. Meetings seem to go my way, and the business is exploding with new clients. I’m following the “Recipe for Success” every day and the rewards are mounting up. My treasure map has been fulfilled and we’re having to hire more people as a result of my success. I’m getting bigger clients and we’re making greater profit. All the things I’ve been doing to reprogram myself are paying off! Personally, my music has been coming along really well too. If you remember, when we first met I could not afford the keyboard / computer console I needed. Now that I have it I’m able to create my compositions and I’m very happy with the way that’s turning out. The visualization techniques are so amazing! There’s more I could say about my personal life, but I don’t want to ramble. Let’s just say I’m happier than ever as things are going along very nicely. All in all, the training has been a true eye-opener, allowing me to see myself more clearly and make better decisions. Using the tools daily reminds me of how much I’ve learned and how much better things are. I feel like a grown-up now! I’m more responsible, and I’m really enjoying the change. How can I ever thank you? I can’t, really. So, thanks a million will have to do!” Robert May, Senior Sales Manager, NetMagic, Inc. ================================ LESSEN THE STRESSIN’ AT SF NEWS AGENCY Comments from the Mail Room Staff: “I’m able to approach situations more calmly now. We do tend to get habitual in our thinking…this gave a different perspective on an old problem…everyone could use this program.” – Mailer Operator “I learned how to take more time when reacting to people. The presentation was very good and kept the thoughts rolling. All employees should take this course.” – Mailer Operator “This was a positive approach to teaching a class and getting people involved. It gives you a different perspective on people. I will take a more positive approach when dealing with people.” –Supervisor “Ron has a lot to offer and provided us with new outlooks on problems.” - Mailer Operator “I’d recommend this course. There is something in it for anyone…” –David L., Supervisor Comments from Production Staff: “It was very enlightening. I will approach projects from a different and lighter perspective.” “Ron, you are nice, and witty. Your kindness and concern shines through. It was great- better than I thought it would be.” -A. Kauffman, Senior Clerk “I enjoyed the class. The instructor was upbeat and informative. Everyone needs to learn how to relieve stressful situations.” –J. Farless, Supervisor “I recommend this course because everyone needs to have tools to work with, whether at home or work.” –Rosie S. “You should make this longer, like 3 days or a 1-week seminar. We could do more exercises.” “I see the importance of working smarter. Everyone sort of believes that working and moving faster is better. That is erroneous. Don’t be “too busy chopping wood to stop and sharpen the axe!” “I got very good tools to de-stress. I’m going to spend more time picturing the result I want to create.” “I will focus on the “WOW” instead of the “HOW.” This course is not long enough.” – D. Weersing “I would definitely recommend this course to others. Ron is very knowledgeable in his field. He made it an enjoyable learning experience.” –A. Davidson “This was entertaining, with a new perspective on thought processes. Thank you!” –M. Buchanan =============================== HEWLETT-PACKARD Dear Ron: I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for your excellent support in working with me over the past two years in connection with your personal coaching / “Results” program. This has been my first experience working with a personal coach. The net result is that I feel more fulfilled in my personal and work life and have achieved much greater alignment between my activities and goals. I also have to say that my stress levels have significantly diminished. Ron, the main advantages of your program, in my view, stem from helping me focus my attention on the following three factors: 1. Clarity of goals and purpose - knowing and articulating (in writing) what it is I truly want (outcomes) 2. Understanding my current beliefs and behaviors - do they serve my goals and purpose, or are they barriers that stand in the way of the outcomes I wish to experience? 3. Acting on the insights learned to align my purpose, goals, beliefs and behaviors to bring about what I truly want. Your expert facilitation and coaching have helped me in all three ways in both my career/work life as well as my personal relationships. I continue to draw from these lessons in my daily life, which continues to be one of greater joy and fulfillment. Thank you so much for your excellent guidance and support and for helping me to see the light! Sincerely, Clifford B
WYLE Dear Ron, I am writing to say a big “Thank You” for how your programme has altered my life. Your guidance and coaching through your wonderful program has had a more powerful and positive influence than anything else I’ve ever done for myself. When I first came to you I was in crisis. Although my professional career was very successful, I was on the verge of a second divorce and hopelessly unhappy. I knew that life had more to offer but I just didn’t seem capable of accessing its treasures. I had been an assiduous student of self-help books and tapes for years- I read Psychocybernetics when I was ten- but somehow I seemed stuck in several self-defeating patterns. You and your programme have changed my life forever. You helped me to not only identify, but also to release my old destructive programming so that I now live the life I feel I was meant to live. The best part about all of this is that not only is your programme very effective, it also extremely quick, fun, and easy. The techniques that you use are easily understood and accessible. I still use many of your techniques every day. Of course, this letter would not be complete without discussing your qualities as a teacher and guide through this process. Ron, I have found you to be the most effective “teacher” I have ever had. You have a kind, caring, empathetic, and sensitive way about you that makes even those areas that might be difficult very doable. You have never been anything but supportive and encouraging. It’s been almost two years since I completed your programme. As a direct result of your programme the following has occurred: 1. I am now the top selling sales representative for my company in the Bay Area (out of thirty- seven salespeople). 2. I am also the top salesperson in my field in the Bay Area out of about 430 salespeople. 3. For nineteen months I have been in a relationship that is incredible and loving and supportive. My relationship is ten times better than anything I had previously thought possible. 4. I am surrounded by wonderful, supportive people everywhere I go. I am attracting kind customers, co-workers, bosses etc. The quality of the people in my life is uncanny. 5. I seem to live life going from one joy to another. My success and happiness seem virtually effortless. Could your programme have had this much impact on my life? You bet it has. Your programme is awesome. The results have stood the test of time. Your programme is not a “quick fix” motivational one where results are fleeting. It is a programme that goes to the core of what life is all about; allowing for easily implemented permanent changes. Again, I thank you from my heart for all of the wonderful results of your programme. I would like to offer my support to you as well. Should anyone you talk to want a reference regarding you or your programme, please do not hesitate in giving them my phone number. Sincerely, Jeff Goodman WYLE ELECTRONICS ============================ CORNISH & CAREY REALTORS Dear Ron, It’s been a couple of years since I first sat through your Goal Setting Class. I walked out of there not only with an enormous amount of knowledge that I was able to apply immediately, but also with a feeling that I had just had a really great time and met a friend. Let’s face it, that’s not the usual way I feel when I leave a class! Being in Real Estate, I get constantly bombarded with classes and seminars to keep us motivated and/or educated. Of all the courses I have ever taken, I have never had the incredible results that I have experienced with your “RESULTS !” course ! I have already earned 75% more than all of last year and it’s only the first week of August!! And that’s only one aspect of what you’ve helped me achieve! I’ve lost over 20 pounds, my relationships with my loved ones and clients have improved immensely, becoming healthier and more loving. In general I’ve come to feel really in charge of my life and it’s outcome. I’d never be able to say enough about your Clearing Therapy, “incredibly awesome” doesn’t even come close!! To top it all off, you’re funny, caring, and extremely supportive! I only wish everyone had the opportunity to experience your courses. Thank you for being you and giving all you give! Sincerely, Wanda Klor ============================ TEAM STRATEGIES Dear Ron, Thank you so much for your instruction in the Results program. I manage a telemarketing company which was doing well but just barely. In the few short months since I started working with you amazing things have happened. Our business has absolutely skyrocketed. We used to pull in about one or two jobs a month. Last week one of the new companies I'm working with just gave us nine new jobs starting next month. They say there's more to come. They want to see how we do with these. I have to tell you that I need to postpone our meeting next week because we're moving into a new location. I've more than tripled my staff and we had to buy a whole new computer system to handle the workload. My boss is amazed and says he's never seen anything like it. It's very clear to me that all this success is due to your program. I'd love to take all the credit for this, believe me. But I know that almost from the day we started working together, things have picked up and haven't stopped. It's like whatever I plug into the formula starts happening. Like you said, the people I'm finding out there keep getting better and better as well. Everyone's getting along better in the office too. On a personal note, my relationship with my significant other is better than ever as well. That's a great side benefit! Thanks again, Ron. This has been a great ride so far. I'll just keep plugging things into the formula and look forward to a very bright future. Sincerely, Scott R. Manager, Team Strategies ============================== Relaxation Resources Dear Ron, Hope you and yours are enjoying this winter holiday season - no, I'm sure you are! Relaxation Resources is moving right along, growing and expanding. Madelyn suggested that you'd like a testimonial as to the value of our meeting with you, so here 'tis: As part of a young start-up company, my partner and I truly appreciate the warm and effective way Ron Cole moved us through the mission statement process. So often this process can be long and drawn-out and one can end up with some useless gobbeldy-gook; in this case, Ron's firm coaching brought us to a powerful awareness of our common mission and values that catapulted us to the next level of commitment in our business. A stream of exciting events have happened since that meeting, which I see as a direct result of our combined clarity, focus, and sense of purpose. Shana Ross, Relaxation Resources Many thanks, Shana ============================ TECH-STORIES Dear Ron, When I first called you, I had a big problem. When it came to my business, I could not pick up the telephone and make cold calls. It was just too hard. I was literally paralyzed in the brain when I would pick up the phone to call someone, even if I knew that the person on the other end of the line really needed my services! How can anyone in their own business succeed with this kind of problem? Well, not too easily. So, I sought your assistance. What I came to learn soon after our first meeting was that you are much more than a business coach. You are a brilliant person who is extremely motivated to help people like me lead happier, much more fulfilled lives. Success in business is one of the wonderful benefits that go along with your program! Since our first meeting, which is about six weeks now, I’ve overcome my fear of cold calling and I’ve learned many valuable techniques for handling all types of difficult business situations which have always been a problem for me. In almost two months, I have seen my business grow from about $1,000 a month in billings to $25,000. And, the amazing thing is that I see no end to the possibilities. You’ve helped me to identify the true value that I offer other companies in the marketplace. I’m learning to use this knowledge to sell my company and its services to companies that I never dreamed I’d work with, let alone talk to on the telephone! Thank you so much for your guidance and your faith in my potential. Thank you, Katherine Strand