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Sales  Training


A comprehensive approach to increase sales in a team.

Are you frustrated by the lack of consistent performance from your team?

All problems have a source. We will investigate and discover all the major factors that result in lower sales, from scripts to individual performance to closing techniques.

You will receive an assessment of your situation and what steps can be taken to increase your sales.

Alchemy Training can then provide the means to turn this around, resulting in improved sales.

Alchemy have put together a plan to educate and facilitate your team, making team management more profitable, enjoyable and less time consuming for the manager.

We do this as quickly and efficiently as possible, taking up as little calling time as possible.

Improved sales.
Energized sellers.
Better work environment.
Less turnover.
High ROI.
Seller Self-sufficiency.
Improved home life.
Ongoing improvement.

Improved understanding of self-motivation.
Script review (and suggestions).
Assessment reports (confidence, knowledge, motivation, beliefs, energy, listening skills, rapport, closing).
Latest goal setting best practice.
Visualization training.
Improved reading skills.
Condensed information on selling techniques.
Personal coaching for low performers.

Sales Management Training

Needs assessment.
A quick reading improvement lesson (important for learning).
Assigned weekly reading (20 minutes or less).
Coaching of low performers.
Interview of top performers.
Goal achievement and visualization techniques.
Progress reports.
Role play when required.
Access to online information about Negotiation, Presentation skills, Memory and more.

In-depth Managerial Coaching.
Listening to calls.

We’re a small UK-based training company specializing in personal and business development. Alchemy Training provides useful tools to make you more productive. To us, that means getting more done in less time with higher quality. All our tools and ideas are easy to learn and apply. Our fees are fair; not the highest, not the lowest. I am very happy and excited to be offering both Online Courses and Classroom learning to organizations. We can also hold classes via the Internet!If you want to achieve your goals, this is your best opportunity.




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Sales Manager Testimonial

Having worked with Deryn for 9 months, and after quickly building trust in her both personally and professionally, I cannot recommend her services highly enough.

My aim was to increase the productivity of a diverse sales team with several strong characters I was responsible for managing. The team had performed at a standard level for a period of time, however I always felt there was something holding us back, whether it was an individual not reaching their full potential or a feeling of doubt I might have held, I knew more could be achieved.  

Deryn was able to quickly and intuitively build up an understanding of each of my team members’ personality types and by teaching and coaching me to work with them as individuals we were able to quickly increase not just individual’s productivity but also team morale, while reducing the stress and pressure individuals were feeling from a high pressure inside sales environment.

Through our weekly sessions we were able to hit key areas and make quick fixes with easy to resolve individuals. This resulted in members of the team gaining promotions and recognition they hadn’t previously expected to reach. This came from making small measurable adjustments to their mindsets, belief systems, and most importantly how I worked with them. Other members of the team required more work and investment as their complex personality types unraveled. Deryn worked directly with some of these individuals while we continued to collaborate, which enhanced team growth.

Having learnt the techniques and skills taught by Deryn and implementing them, we now have a more well-rounded team who perform at a higher level and ultimately enjoy being in their work environment. Having invested into my team and my personal skill set I feel more empowered, confident in my leadership ability and capable to work with new team members as the practices learnt are so transferable between individuals.

Deryn’s high energy, engaging style and wealth of knowledge paired with her firsthand experience makes her essential for anyone wanting to transform a team of any ability, and in my eyes is the most intuitive and natural coach I have ever worked with.

B. Pearce, Sales Manager, UK


Block Busting is a technique that identifies and eliminates patterns of thought, belief and behaviour that prevent a person from higher achievement.

The reason most sales people have inconsistent results is due to Performance Blocks. The Block may result in the seller being reluctant to pick up the phone to call a prospect. These blocks can cause fear, reduced motivation, and a loss of energy or direction.

The Block Busting approach discovers the root cause of any problem or challenge faced by the seller and not only alleviates the problem, but can turn it into a strength. This Block Busting process provides accurate information about what’s holding them back from greater success. During a session a client explains to us what is not going well for them. Through a series of questions and insights, we pinpoint the root cause of their issue. Without discovering what causes their issue and fixing it, they would continue to fall back into old patterns of failure. It would be like pumping up a flat tyre without first patching the hole. For a while the problem appears to be solved, but soon the tyre is flat again. In this example, the root cause could be a nail. We must pull the nail and apply a patch. In sales, managers often give more training, tips, warnings, role play, etc., which is like pumping up the flat tyre.

These root causes usually affect other areas of the person’s life outside of work. The Block Busting process brings resolution to those areas as well. Client feedback has been very positive about how we often discover and accomplish more in one hour than years of traditional coaching, counselling or therapy. Here’s what one client has to say:

 “Deryn is unbelievably insightful and has the ability to pinpoint my blocks in a matter of minutes. She works in a unique way that gets to the crux of anything you throw at her at lightning speed. Since working with her I have progressed in ways that I never thought possible. My life and career have taken off and I now see everything differently. I feel incredibly empowered.”

Anastasia A.    

Achievement Coach

There are two components to sales success. The first component is addressed by traditional sales training: what to do and what not to do. For example, DO ask for the deal. Do NOT interrupt your prospects when they are speaking. These are examples of the many ideas and techniques found in sales books and courses. The second element to sales success is being ABLE to use the techniques! By “able” we mean using them powerfully and consistently. If our blocks are strong, all the concepts, methods and role play in the world will not help us. Until those invisible chains are broken, sales people keep running into the same problem: PERFORMANCE BLOCKS.

Block Busting solves those performance issues; be they fear, self-sabotage, misinformation or anything else. You may know what to do, but your Blocks are interfering with your success. Your thinking and your beliefs are holding you back. So stop fighting yourself and eliminate your Blocks. Block Busting makes it simple. If you want to increase your sales success, contact Alchemy and give Block Busting a go.